Little Black.. Anything

Do you ever think of the color black as outdated, or something you just wear to a funeral? Well, think again! Black is a very sophisticated color that can be worn at any time or any place. As an added bonus, the color black is very slimming on figures. Pair a black dress with some similar colored tights, and neutral colored boots for a go-getting ensemble. Throw in a jacket for added measure.


One thought on “Little Black.. Anything

  1. Sonia Maverick says:

    Is that picture of you? If so, that outfit is on point and I want to congratulate you on it, lol.

    BTW, I agree with everything you said. Black is obviously not an outfit only fit for funerals. I own a mini black dress that I love more than my life. Just kidding. Sort of. OK totally kidding but seriously a little black dress is a classic. OK, I’m rambling, so basically I liked your post haha. Rock on.

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