OOTN: Striped Midi Dress

Better late than never is a motto of mine that I’ve adopted. And it applies in the sense that this was my outfit last week, and I’m just now getting around to posting it. Oops..

Well, anyways, last week I went out to dinner with my sister and best friend. And I always look for that perfect excuse to dress up a little bit!


I paired a green military vest with a striped midi dress to create this ensemble. Worn with brown and lace GB wedges to complete the look.

This look is super easy to pull together, and inexpensive. I got this entire outfit for under $80. Who doesn’t love that?! Cute clothes, and a great price!

You want to know how I achieved these great deals? Sales and bargains. The easiest way to start your fashionable closet without breaking the bank. I recommend stores like TJ Maxx, Burlington, and Marshalls. Heck, you can even find great stuff at Ross. All it takes is a great eye!


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