About the Author

My name is Naomi. I won’t give you my last name, since everyone says that’s not smart on the internet. Plus, my last name usually throws people for a loop, so we’ll just leave that be. Naomi Lynn is what I shall go by.

I’m in my mid-twenties, and live in sunny Florida with my little sister (referred to as HD for her exciting hair colors that she does) and my parents (hopefully to change soon, I’m ready to live completely on my own). I got into fashion many years ago when I discovered the website Polyvore. It allowed me to really play around and put clothes together to create amazing ensembles. Most of them pictured in this blog. Since then, I like to keep up with the trends through media and celebrities. I keep an eye on the magazine racks and try to learn as much as I can.

Long term goals for my life include being a personal shopper and/or a buyer for a big corporation. If I can design my own line, I would love to do that too. I want my hand in every part of fashion that I can get into.

I feel I have truly found my passion in life, and I want to keep expanding it.


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